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We make refined effortless! ROOT simplifies the handcrafted artisanal cocktail. Uniquely, blended selections made with all natural, organic ingredients enable you to offer exceptional drinks with ease. Simply add your favorite spirit to ROOT and become a Friggin Hero! ROOT Crafted is all about connecting to what nourishes us: Deep bonds with family and friends, wonderful food and, of course, the perfect cocktail! The ingredients in our cocktails were all ROOTed in the earth, We have established and grown the ROOTs that bond us with our family and friends and we ROOT each other on as we muddle through life! ROOT Crafted uses organic, all-natural ingredients blended to perfection—so drinking can be kinda good for you!

Create A Stir!

With Our Unique Selections


Lemongrass | Elderflower | Hint of Sweetness

The Hound

Grapefruit | Tart Cherry | Hint of Sweetness


Hibiscus Tea | Elderflower | Hint of Lime


Pear | Elderflower | Hint of Lemon

The Granada

Pomegranate | Lemongrass | Lemon

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