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Liquor Mixer: Make Your Unique Concoctions

Trish Lauden and Diane Aemisegeo

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We understand the demand for the perfect cocktail mixer. No matter the occasion, ROOT Crafted has various flavors guaranteed to tickle your taste buds.

You can mix liquor with our range of flavors like The Lemongrass, Au Pear, Hibi Hibi, The Hound, and more!

Our variety of liquor mixers is here to help you make drinks that you can enjoy in the company of friends or unwinding alone at home.

Trish Lauden and Diane Aemisegeo

Why Choose Root Crafted?

ROOT simplifies your mixing efforts by providing a hand-crafted artisanal cocktail within minutes.

We offer a unique blend of all-natural and organic selections from which you can create your exceptional drinks with ease.

ROOT Crafted is all about helping you connect with your family and friends and deepening these bonds through the perfect cocktail.

These mixers pair well with any spirit, for instance, vodka or gin.

You can even find a collection of gift sets to choose from for your next celebration:

  • Cocktail Party Pack
  • Large Gift Set
  • Hostess Box
  • Small Gift Box
  • Copper Shaker
Trish Lauden and Diane Aemisegeo

Don't Miss Out On The Experience!

Unwind yourself with a drink made from cocktail mixers at your disposal.

Begin your experience to explore the new flavors with our amazing selection of hand-crafted cocktail mixes.

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