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Two Moms A Shaker & A Dream

Trish Lauden and Diane Aemisegeo

We make refined effortless! ROOT simplifies the handcrafted artisanal cocktail. Uniquely, blended selections made with all natural, organic ingredients enable you to offer exceptional drinks with ease. Simply add your favorite spirit to ROOT and become a Hero! ROOT Crafted is all about connecting to what nourishes us: Deep bonds with family and friends, wonderful food and, of course, the perfect cocktail! The ingredients in our cocktails were all ROOTed in the earth, We have established and grown the ROOTs that bond us with our family and friends and we ROOT each other on as we muddle through life! ROOT Crafted uses organic, all-natural ingredients blended to perfection—so drinking can be kinda good for you!

Trish and Diane - Founders Of Root Crafted



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Trish Pepe Lauden
I grew up in Westchester county in the cocktail era. My parents loved to entertain (i.e. drink). So much so that the centerpiece of our newly renovated family room, circa 1980, was a custom designed bar. This masterpiece had wine bottles formed into lights, a mirrored back, a large capacity ice machine and a bevy of glassware. This was a glorious era! It was a time of Harvey Wallbanger’s, Crème de Menthe cocktails and the liquor store delivered (the latter of which still makes me swoon). By age 6, I was able to make a Manhattan and a solid straight up Martini. I was going places. Life led me to Lehigh University (ironically a known party school) and to my husband, Andrew. We eventually married and now have 4 wonderful children (12, 10, 8 and 3). Oddly, there has been a direct correlation in that as our family has increased in numbers so has our cocktail consumption. But, I was very picky about the quality of my cocktail. It has always been important to me to eat healthy, all natural and Organic—best I can. So why should I not choose cocktails made the same way? We live in a suburban area with little options to get a quality cocktail and the chance of getting a sitter was slim. So, I started to make my own cocktails so I could control the quality. When I met Diane (a funny story in and of itself which we will be happy to tell you over cocktails) I found a kindred spirit in many ways. She was in the same spot of not being able to get out to restaurants but still wanting fresh, natural non syrupy-high fructosey cocktails. Together, we have spent hours and hours doing research and development to bring our creations to all that crave a wonderful, natural cocktail!

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Diane Aemisegeo
A fun- loving wife and mother of 2 beautiful girls (now 11 and 7). I am big foodie as I was brought up in house where my father was a chef and attended culinary school in Hungry and Germany. Things in our house always had to be fresh, all natural, and high quality. Meals were multiple courses…even on a weeknight made from scratch. So, I enjoy good food, wine, and cocktails.

Although I don’t always have time for this, I want to know what I put into my body is organic, all natural, and not over processed. Let alone a corn syrup cocktail! YUCK!

Not until I met Trish did someone else share this love of enjoying a homemade “healthy” cocktail as well. As it turns out not only did Trish and I become fast-friends but our husbands, children, and dogs did as well. And the icing on this cake is we are neighbors too. This new friendship led us to our Friday night hang outs….husbands, kids, dogs, and cocktails. We love going out but the reality of finding a sitter every week is challenging. So, we brought “night out” to the home. As we move through the seasons and life events so did our cocktails. But that’s what life is all about…family, friends, and little help from the cocktail gods.

 Diane & Trish - Founders Of Root Crafted Trish Lauden and Diane Aemisegeo