How to Make Easy Summer Cocktails on Vacation

These Winners Taste Decadent but Feel Healthy

1. Are Cocktails a Vacation Drink?

Spring showers bring summer flowers and cocktails by the pool, seashore, or wherever you find yourself making memories. You’ve been planning your dream vacation for weeks – or a year – and the time has finally come to kick back and relax, delectable drink in hand.

Scratch that. Unless you happen to be sitting in an expensive, touristy watering hole or you have a personal bartender on standby, you probably aren’t getting delicious, freshly poured cocktails on your vacation this summer. At least not without a whole lot of planning and effort on your part.

The seeming complexity of a truly good cocktail can feel difficult to replicate on a whim,but we are here to tell you that you can satisfy all your whims this vacation season without any of the hassle you imagine.

Cocktails are the perfect treat to for a special summer vacation, especially after the year we have all had. Think of the typical summer vacation beach drinks. Perhaps your mind strays to that big clumsy cooler full of wine coolers, beer, and BORING. Not only do they taste subpar, but they are laden with syrupy synthetic ingredients to leave you dehydrated and bloated instead of refreshed. You deserve to taste and feel better when you finally get your chance for fun in the sun.

Understandably, producing an enlightened and delicious vacation cocktail may send you running back home like ‘this little piggy’ with your tail between your legs.But do not be intimidated – we are here to help! The mixed drinks that generally stand out as summer stars usually feel a bit lighter and offer a hint of a unique or surprising flavor to bring the sense of adventure directly to your mouth. However, the process of making stunning mixed drinks can feel like more trouble than you want to take on while you’re trying to unwind.

We hear you! It’s summertime and the living is supposed to be easy! If you’re looking for ease, try the simplest and most delicious vacation cocktails that you can whip up quickly yourself, no matter where you are. All you need is your choice of cocktail mixer and spirit. When choosing your cocktail mixer, be sure to review the ingredients and beware those syrupy mixers that taste like chemicals and sugar! Try to find mixers with transparent ingredients that are organic and all natural.

You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a… Garnish!

2 .What Makes the Perfect Summer Cocktail?

The best summer cocktails taste good while being easy to make. While on vacation, cocktail mixer sets can be a game changer for making drinks with limited supplies and even more limited energy expenditure. Here are some deliciously simple summer cocktails you can make with just TWO ingredients.

 For beer lovers who want a little vacation excitement in their cup, try a ROOT Summer Shandy. First, you’ll need to pick up a Hefe-Wiesel or a Pale Ale. Mix 3oz of your beer of choice beer with 1oz of The Lemongrass. Simple as that, you have elevated your basic beer to a sizzling summer standout. And its organic, low-sugar and almost ‘healthy’ at that!

 If you find yourself a little further south, you might want to kick back with a ROOT Paloma. First, rub the rim of your glass with a lime wedge. Next, turn the empty glass upside down and push the rim into a plate with coarse salt on it. Now that you’ve salted your rim, pour 1oz of your favorite tequila in the glass. Add 1oz of The Hound and a splash of club soda. Top off this citrus drink with a lime wedge and call it a day – a perfect day!

 Restore your sanity on vacation with a Hibi-Hibi Refresher. You’ll need 1oz of gin in your glass and 2oz of Hibi Hibi. Garnish with fresh basil for an herbal splash of summer and sip your worries away.

What is the common denominator of these super-easy yet super-delicious and unique summer sensations? Making vacation drinks with organic, all-natural ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers. They taste scrumptious and they will leave you feeling rejuvenated instead of ‘icky’ like most syrupy, sugary mixers do. They promise to make your drink mixing easy and fun! All you need is one of their beautifully and simply packaged mixers and your favorite liquor, which saves space in your luggage for more fun and more free time on this summer vacation.

3. How to Enjoy the Best Organic Cocktails on this Summer Vacation!

You don’t have to hunt down a crowded destination bar just to get a good drink on your vacation. You also don’t want to carry a bunch of extra supplies so you can play bartender while traveling. How to make a delectably easy summer cocktail on vacation that will leave your feeling healthy and happy?

 If you want to know exactly what your drinking and you want to ensure that its simple and delicious, no matter where you find yourself this summer vacation, try making your own summer cocktails using ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers. Root’s cocktail mixers are organic, all-natural, user-friendly and only require two ingredients. Not only that, they’re ‘kinda’ good for you – and utterly delicious too!

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