You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a… Garnish!

What makes a woman reach for that scarf that doesn’t necessarily keep her warm?

Why does she painstakingly hold up earrings to her ears to see if they are too much or just enough? What makes a guy take the time to fold a pocket square, make sure the tie doesn’t clash with the shirt, or carefully select whimsical socks to break up the monotony of suits and dress shoes?

You don’t have to be a Hollywood stylist to know how accessories can completely make or break an ensemble. So, when we take the time to shake up an ice-cold cocktail and serve it up, why wouldn’t we take that simple, added step of finding just the right garnish?

THE Ultimate Guide to Cocktail Mixing

It’s likely in your garden or kitchen already: the sprig of basil leftover from the sauce made for dinner last night, the flower that bloomed off or in season, the lemon, lime, or orange wedge.

It’s that added “something special” that can bring a smile on your face and impress your guests who accessorized their outfits for the evening and appreciate that touch of style. They know that a drink is elevated to next-level style, dressed to the nines, ready for the evening when mixed with Root Crafted and topped with a fresh, delicious and delightful garnish.


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