“Healthy” Drinking Habits – Part 1

The Granada bartender drink mixerAfter sorting through sweaters, jackets, and boots, preparing for cooler, crisper weather for all of the members of our busy household, there’s something very satisfying about saying to myself, “Yes! I’m getting my recommended daily allowance of anti-oxidants!” while sipping an ice-cold martini with the delicious pomegranate and lemongrass flavors of The Granada shaken, served up with my favorite vodka and a wedge of lime.  

|You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a… Garnish!

It’s a welcome, refreshing break from the pumpkin-spice-everything madness that has overtaken the fall menu of every coffee shop, bakery, and bar.  Even the hand soaps, lotions, and candles demand we worship the orange squash we will eventually carve into curious creations to scare and delight our Halloween visitors by the end of the month.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to graduate from the spice of the pumpkin to the power of the pomegranate when it comes to our most rewarding Fall drinks.  Cheers!

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