Six Ways to Celebrate Safely with your Squad in Summer 2021

We offer you seven creative ways to cut loose with friends and family without crossing the CDC this summer.

So you have been cooped up for months, and now warm weather and bright blooms herald the start of the outdoor social season. But things have changed since March 2020, and we divulge here how to factor safety and compliance into your new post-pandemic social etiquette.

With the many precautions currently recommended, do you know how to safely serve drinks at a party? Do you know what to expect when going to a new restaurant? To keep you safe while getting you back out into the world, we give you a place to be and a cold beverage to serve. Here is a list of Our Favorite Drinks for Summer sprinkled in with 7 Summer Event Ideas to socialize with your squad.

1. Brunch

It’s that quintessential thing for which every girl pines. No, not Prince Charming. It is Sunday brunch with the girls! Of course, we come for the brunch bonding, but let’s be honest - also for the delicious brunch cocktails. But how has the brunch scene changed since the pandemic?

You can still enjoy your favorite gal pals and boozy breakfasts, but you may need to plan ahead a bit more than you used to. Many restaurants are still operating at decreased capacity, which means a reservation is always a good idea. Some friends may not be comfortable with indoor dining, and that is why summer is such a sweet spot for a sunny, warm brunch at a restaurant with ample outdoor seating – again, early planning is your friend to snag a well-ventilated and comfortable outdoor table.

Many of your favorite brunch spots may be BYOBs, and the last thing you need to worry about is shopping for and packing up a slew of drink ingredients for what’s supposed to be a relaxing brunch date! Stock up on ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixes for a quick fix and grab on your way out the door.

Perhaps your besties are not yet ready for dining out. So bring brunch back home! Leave the complicated ingredient list for your fanciest quiche and let ROOT Crafted ease you into a deliciously simple, low-sugar, organic brunch beverage!

Treat yourself and your gal pals to a ROOT Granada Orange Mimosa. It doesn’t take much to make a pitcher, and your friends will be indebted to you. Mix a cup of The Granada with a half bottle of Prosecco and serve all your sleepy-headed friends a mimosa. Do not forget to garnish with orange.

2. Picnic

Ever since the Pliocene era, humankind has enjoyed little more than the opportunity to dine al fresco. Thus, the birth of picnic food and, perhaps more importantly, picnic drinks. In the pandemic era, there is even more impetus for finding a peaceful place to enjoy the outdoors, partake in a feast with friends, and imbibe your favorite drinks. For your next picnic, grab your favorite take-out, and plan to meet your friends on a comfortable picnic blanket.

To really elevate your picnic, be sure to pack enough Lemongrass Margarita for everyone. In your largest hydro flask, add The Lemongrass and your tequila 2:1. Nothing like the tickle of grass between your toes and the crisp taste of lemongrass on your tongue!

3. Dinner Party

Are you in the mood to exercise your host or hostess skills and show your appreciation for the people who helped you get through the difficult times of the past year? Or perhaps you’re eager to show off all of the home improvements or new-found gardening skills you’ve honed with all your time at home? Hooray for vaccines – it may finally be a safe and comfortable time to host a small dinner party.

We suggest discussing the particulars with your potential guests prior to the event to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe. Perhaps they prefer al fresco dining? Perhaps they would like to wear masks while not eating? Ironing out these details, along with your neglected table linens, will make for a smooth reintroduction to the dinner party scene.

While you focus your energies on developing a delightful dinner menu, often consumed with the intricate details of perfect timing and trimming, let us take the stress of cocktail-mixing off your busy hands! ROOT offers scrumptious and health-conscious cocktail mixers in one beautiful bottle.

Just offer your favorite selection of liquors, a few fresh fruits and herbs for garnish, and you have an easy self-serve cocktail bar! Our favorite dinner party dynamo is the ROOT Cosmo. Just mix one part vodka, one part The Granada. Then, shake, serve, and enjoy the company of good friends in the comfort of home.

THE Ultimate Guide to Cocktail Mixing

4. Backyard Cookout

Summer kick-off is just around the corner, with Memorial Day just begging for a backyard cookout this year after many sitting out on the celebration last year. Independence Day, Labor Day, a sunny day, a weekend day – summer is just full of excuses to break out the grill for a barbecue! Most importantly, this year, the fresh air and filtration, as well as the ample space, of a backyard cookout can help ensure an exceedingly safe setting for all your party people.

So clean the pool or organize a balloon toss to keep your guests cool. And let us help heat the party up with ourROOTCrafted cocktail mixers, offering a delectable blend of healthful, organic ingredients. To really get your backyard cookout sizzling, we recommend The Paloma, created with one part tequila and one part The Hound. Add a squeeze of lime and salt the rim before raising a glass with your pals to a steamy summer.

5. Parks

Anyone else feeling a little – ok, a lot – cooped up after this year at home? Everyone, at this point in the pandemic! Your local parks can provide the perfect adventure destination close to home! Parks are an excellent resource for change of scenery, whether for a hike, fishing, bird-watching, frisbee golf, or to meet your new tinder date! Plan a park date with your favorite people and activities. For us, the list of favorites must also include our favorite drink! Ensuring that you’re following park rules and have a safe ride home, let us ‘punch up’ your park date with our summer favorite, ROOT Rum Punch. It takes just 2oz of Hibi Hibi and 1oz of white rum.

6. Camp

Are you itching to finally expand your horizons beyond home, maybe get away from relentless work and technology, sleep under the stars? Sounds like pure bliss, as long as you have your favorite cocktails easily on hand. That can be easier said than done, right? Camping requires minimal gear for maximum relaxation. That’s where ROOT Crafted cocktail mixes help you keep it simply delicious with the additional of a one-stop shop – er, bottle! Keep your drinks cold in a cooler and fill up with ice every day or two. Nothing goes better with a crackling campfire in the deep woods than sipping on a Hound Derby. It is a mix of one part The Hound with one part Bourbon. Dash a teaspoon of honey and howl at the moon.

Summer fun is about to make a comeback! With vaccines rolling out and temperatures on the rise, we hope you enjoyed our suggestions for safe summer fun. And we feel certain you will have a lot more fun if you bring ROOT Crafted Cocktails with you! Take the work out of your mixed drinks while you take your fun outdoors this summer! ROOT Crafted offers organic, healthful, delectable blends all in a convenient and beautiful bottle to simplify and step up your summer soiree!

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