THE Ultimate Guide to Cocktail Mixing

Whether you are a master mixologist or a mixed drink newbie, fancy drinks add a touch of whimsy to every quiet evening or lively night. However, the art of the mixed cocktail is one of complexity and discernment. The perfect melding of flavors often proves a mercurial and elusive feat.

However, ROOT Crafted creates Organic Cocktail Mixers to demystify the art of mixing drinks and deliver consistently delightful beverages with ease. And they offer a wide variety of high quality, perfectly balanced and healthful flavorful options to tickle the taste buds of each and every guest at your next soiree. In this guide, we have put together some of our favorites:


    • Chocolate Delight

Ahh chocolate, our old reliable friend. Always there to make us feel better. But what is even better than chocolate? Chocolate with a kick. Just add two parts The Granada to one part chocolate vodka for a delightfully comforting cocktail.

    • Lemongrass Mule

The perfect cocktail with which to kick off your shoes, lean back and relax after a long day. Let us make it even more relaxing by taking the guesswork out of your mixing. Add a generous splash of vodka – three parts – to just one part The Lemongrass, then top it off with Ginger Beer. Garnish with what makes you happy and sink into this blissfully relaxing beverage.

    • Hibi Froze

Are your days and stressors heating up? This will cool you off quickly and deliciously. Freeze your favorite Rosé wine ahead of time. Pour two parts shaken Hibi Hibi and one part vodka over your frozen Rosé. Garnish with mint, rosemary or basil, then sit back and put all your stress on ice.

    • The Cuke

Is there anything that could make a deliciously crisp cucumber taste better? Of course, there is! Just add two parts The Cuke to one part vodka and even your thirstiest guests will be refreshingly quenched.

    • The Refresher

Wait a minute! There is a new challenger for the crown of most refreshing cocktail. Just add two parts Hibi Hibi or The Lemongrass with vodka. Top it off with seltzer, pour over ice and cast you vote for this royal refresher!

    • ROOT Cosmo

We have taken sophistication to a whole new level with our very own slick mix of the Cosmopolitan. Just add two parts vodka and two parts The Granada and experience a level of cosmopolitan even Carrie Bradshaw would be proud to sip.

    • Trish on Vodka Cocktails:

“I just love vodka cocktails for one reason – they are just so refreshing. My favorite is The Cuke, but the Refresher comes in a strong second with either Hibi Hibi or The Lemongrass.”

    • Diane on Vodka Cocktails:

“I love all our new refreshing mixers that are perfect with vodka, but if I’m drinking vodka, I will always choose a ROOT Cosmo with our delightful The Granada.”


    • Negroni

What do you get when you mix two parts gin with one part The Hound? Add a few dash of bitters and an orange twist garnish and your guests will be howling, “I’ll have another!”

    • Cucumber Basil Gimlet

Step aside vodka. Pair our refreshing The Cuke with gin and the delightfully herbal hint of basil to transform it into The Duke of your next cocktail party. Add two parts The Cuke, one part gin, a taste of cucumber and fresh basil to your shaker. You will experience a whole new sensation with this unique mix.

    • The Four Leaf Clover

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Better yet, make your own liquid luck with two parts Hibi Hibi and one part gin. Shake up your luck and pour over ice!

    • Diane on Gin Cocktails:

“The Four Leaf Clover is a staple every St. Patrick’s Day for us, as well as many other days when we need a little luck. It is just so simple to make with Hibi Hibi and gin.”

    • Trish on Gin Cocktails:

“We can all use a little luck now and then, Diane, but if I’m enjoying gin, my guests and I will be howling with a Negroni, compliments of The Hound.”


    • Paloma

Call out The Hound for a salty sip of tequila, a splash of club soda and a fresh lime. Equal parts The Hound and tequila makes for an instant party starter for your next fiesta.

    • Pear Margarita

Have your fruit and drink it too! Throw together two parts Au Pear and one part tequila and slip into your spicy afternoon. Plop a fresh cut jalapeno into your shaker to make your margarita hot, hot, hot!

    • Lemongrass Margarita

Senorita, mix a drink to hearken you back to blissful days of bare toes in the fresh-cut grass. Combine two parts The Lemongrass and one part tequila, mixed on the rocks with a sugared rim.

    • Trish on Tequila Cocktails

“You can take me to Margaritaville with any of our natural, organic mixers, Diane. Sometimes I’m sweet and sometimes I’m spicy, but I always enjoy our mixers with tequila.”

    • Diane on Tequila Cocktails

“Not me, Trish! I want it hot, hot, hot! My tequila go-to is a Pear Margarita with a little extra jalapeno, every time!”

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    • Whisky Sour

This sour will be sure to make your evening sweet. Sit back and enjoy two parts bourbon and one part The Granada while relaxing by a fire. Garnish with an orange wedge and a cherry on top – of your drink and your day.

    • ROOT Old-Fashioned

Just two parts bourbon and one part Au Pear for a delicious old-fashioned experience. All that is left to add is an orange slice, a pour over a giant ice cube, and a hefty dose of nostalgia.

    • Diane on Bourbon Cocktails

“While I was never a huge fan of bourbon, I found a new taste for it with ROOT Old Fashioned. I am a little biased, but I think our Au Pear is simply the perfect blend with bourbon.”

    • Trish on Bourbon Cocktails

“Honestly, I find nothing more relaxing than a Whisky Sour. It’s just the perfect drink for me at the end of a long day with The Granada.”


    • ROOT Manhattan

Experience the height of city sophistication without losing sight of your roots. Combine two parts whisky and one part The Granada. Garnish with an orange peel and maraschino cherries and you will be ready for the city that never sleeps.

    • Trish on Whisky Cocktails

“I don’t always drink whisky, Diane, but when I do, I always choose a ROOT Manhattan. The Granada takes the bite out for me and creates a soothing, delicate taste.”

    • Diane on Whisky Cocktails

“Exactly, Trish! I seldom drink whisky, but The Granada is the game changer for me to slowly sip and savor a ROOT Manhattan.”


    • The Perfect Bellini

Which ROOT Crafted mixer pairs best with champagne? This is a trick question! Any of our delicately balanced mixers prove the perfect natural, organic complement to your celebratory sipping! Try them all and toast your friends!

    • Trish on Champagne Cocktails

“It’s really hard for me to choose, Diane, but if I had to pick my favorite, I would choose Hibi Hibi with champagne every time.“

    • Diane on Champagne Cocktails

“Glad we agree on this one, Trish. It’s not a celebration without Hibi Hibi and champagne. That’s my winner – hands down!”

Which natural, organic cocktail mixer is right for you and your guests?

Our organic mixers are as nuanced and unique as your party guests! We offer a flavor for every palate and a mixer for every mood!

There is no better way to discover your favorite than a Hostess Box, which includes a 32-oz. Lemongrass, a 16-oz. Hibi Hibi and a 16-oz. Au Pear.

Mix ‘til you’re merry, then come back and try our many other delicious flavors. Note: We can use the below content in the free report but should not use it as is on a web page, due to duplicate copy.

The ROOT Crafted Story

Two Moms, a Shaker and a Dream

We make refined effortless!

ROOT simplifies the handcrafted artisanal cocktail. Uniquely blended selections made with all natural, organic ingredients enable you to offer exceptional drinks with ease. Simply add your favorite spirit to ROOT and become a happy hour hero!

ROOT Crafted is all about connecting to what nourishes us: deep bonds with family and friends, wonderful food and, of course, the perfect cocktail!

The ingredients in our cocktails were all ROOTed in the earth. We have established and grown the ROOTs that bond us with our family and friends, and we ROOT each other on as we muddle through life! ROOT Crafted uses organic, all-natural ingredients blended to perfection - so you can indulge in your ‘guilty’ pleasure with a little less guilt!

Meet Trish

I grew up in Westchester county in the cocktail era. My parents loved to entertain (i.e. drink). So much so that the centerpiece of our newly renovated family room, circa 1980, was a custom designed bar. This masterpiece had wine bottles formed into lights, a mirrored back, a large capacity ice machine and a bevy of glassware. This was a glorious era! It was a time of Harvey Wallbanger’s, Crème de Menthe cocktails and the liquor store delivered (the latter of which still makes me swoon).

By age 6, I was able to make a Manhattan and a solid straight up Martini. I was going places. Life led me to Lehigh University (ironically a known party school) and to my husband, Andrew. We eventually married and now have 4 wonderful children (15, 13, 11 and 6). Oddly, there has been a direct correlation in that as our family has increased in numbers so has our cocktail consumption.

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